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Credit insurance is an efficient way to secure that you will not suffer losses on your receivables. Tryg Garanti's credit insurance creates value for you and your company and helps you get an overview of the credit risk on your debtors.

Why use credit insurance?
Many companies think they know their clients very well - maybe they have traded with the same business partners for many years and have confidence in the co-operation. Experience shows, however, that 80% of all losses comes from clients who have done business with the company for a long period of time. Thus, it is important that you regularly check up on your clients' creditworthiness - even though you feel that you know your clients.

Many things can influence the creditworthiness of your clients. For example, they may do business with companies in other countries, where the markets are not quite as positive as your domestic market and where your client's client goes bankrupt. This may initially have a negative influence on the financial status of your client, which may deteriorate, and which may influence his ability to pay his bills. This again may influence your financial status in a negative direction.

Peace of mind
With a credit insurance, you secure your liquidity and improve your own creditworthiness, as the risk on losses on receivables is removed. This will create peace of mind for your company and you can spend your time developing your business.

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