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If you do business abroad and require bonds internationally, we can offer you a group facility covering all countries and all business units of your company.

We have the most flexible service delivery in the bond industry – among others, we can handle a very large flow of standardised bonds and we have Denmark’s most extensive knowledge in international issuance of bonds.

With our  online solution, POMnet, you will have a full overview of the total utilisation of the group with specifications for each business unit.

POMnet also offers you:

  • Possibility of controlling individual authorisation rules in connection with request of bonds

  • Centralised or decentralised invoicing at your own choice

  • Multi-language online solution for request and administration of bonds (presently in Danish, English, German, Norwegian, Finnish and Swedish)

  • Electronic specification of invoices for automatic accounting.

If you want to discuss a tailor-made international solution for your company, please call us at 44 20 39 00 or contact us via this form. We will return to you.

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