Guarantees | Signature

Since autumn 2011, Tryg Garanti has used scanned signatures to sign our guarantee documents.

The change is due to an improvement of our automatic issue procedure for guarantees in connection with the implementation of our new self service online solution POMnet. In the new system, guarantees are issued in pdf format without a physical copy.

The new procedure means that in general, Tryg Garanti will no longer sign a guarantee with an original signature. Instead the guarantee is signed with a scanned signature, which has the same validity as the original signature.

In addition to the scanned signature, pdf guarantees have a digital electronic signature, verifying that the pdf document has been issued by us. The digital signature is also valid, when the document is sent by email.

We recommend that you always send your guarantee document to your business partners by email. In this way, they can instantly verify the validity of the document.

You can read more about digital signature on, who are our certifying partner.