POMnet | Profit from the best online solution in the market

We have the best online solution on the market

With our online system POMnet, we can offer you a very flexible system, which will give you access to a variety of information on your portfolio as well as to perform a series of transactions from your own PC.

Guarantee Insurance

Among others, POMnet offers you the possibility of monitoring your portfolio:

- Request bonds online 
- Electronic delivery of guarantees within minutes 
- Full overview of your portfolio 
- Delivery notices in your inbox
- Track and trace your bonds 
- Control of individual authorisation rules in connection
   with request of bonds 
- Multi-language online solution 
- Electronic specification of your facility and invoices

Credit insurance

If you are a credit insurance client, you can e.g. apply for insurance cover on each individual client in Denmark as well as abroad. 

You can state, which for which amount you want cover, send the application via the system, and when we have evaluated the client, we will reply to you by email. Easy and flexible.

POMnet also allows you to compose your own screenview of the portfolio of insured clients and to download all information for use in your own system. 

If you want to hear more about our POMnet online solution, please call us at 44 20 39 00 eller contact us via our contact form. We will then return to you.

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