Vi er specialister i garanti- og kreditforsikring

About Tryg Garanti

Tryg Garanti are specialised in guarantee and credit insurance

Tryg Garanti is the largest Nordic supplier of guarantee insurance and specialists in credit insurance. We have offices in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. In Sweden, we trade under the name of Trygg-Hansa Garanti.

We issue all types of bonds and guarantees in the construction sector and the manufacturing industry. We also issue bonds in favour of public authorities, including the EU directorate. You can read more about guarantee insurance here.

Our credit insurance teams offer whole-turnover covers for all types of companies in the Nordic countries – including exporting companies. You can read more about credit insurance here.

We are part of the Tryg Family

We are part of  Tryg – the  largst general insurance group in Scandinavia. Tryg is listed on Nasdaq OMX Copenhagen. Tryg’s largest shareholder and main owner is TryghedsGruppen, which is also behind the foundation TrygFonden. TryghedsGruppen, TrygFonden and Tryg constitutes the Tryg-family.

 “As the world changes, we make it easier to be tryg”

‘Tryg’ is a unique Scandinavian word. It means to feel protected and cared for. In the guarantee and credit business line, we work to translate this purpose into providing peace of mind to our clients. For example by being the trusted third-party when it comes to guarantee insurance. And by insuring some of the most important assets of a company, i.e. outstanding debts on your clients.

We are both local and international

Whether your business is focused locally or you have an international scope, we can help you with guarantee insurance and trade credit insurance.

If you have business units in several countries and you require guarantees to be issued in these countries, we can help you with a group facility. With a group facility, all countries and all business units in your group are included. We have many years of experience advising international groups on guarantee insurance

ICISA – the international Credit Insurance and Surety Association

We are members of the International Credit Insurance & Surety Association, ICISA , which secures a wide co-operation with other leading experts in the credit and surety business in Europe as well as worldwide. This co-operation also gives us a possibility of supporting the activities of Nordic companies abroad.

Want to know more about Tryg Garanti?

Do you want to know more about us, contact us for more information on +45 44 20 39 00. Or contact us via this contact form and we will return to you.