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Tryg Garanti is the largest supplier of guarantee insurance in the Nordic area. We have offices in Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Sweden. In Sweden, we market ourselves as Moderna Garanti. We have many years of experience in guarantee insurance – domestic as well as international.

Based on your needs, we can offer you a tailor-made or standard solution. And you can benefit from our expertise in local as well as international matters.

– Guarantee facility

When you enter into a co-operation with Tryg Garanti, you will have a guarantee facility with a fixed maximum amount. The facility gives you the possibility of issuing specified guarantee types up to the maximum amount.

– Fixed price

You will pay a fixed premium for your bonds. However, the price may vary according to the specific type of guarantee.

– Personal contact and professional advice

We prioritise to be close to our clients to give you the best possible advice on guarantee insurance. Therefore you will have a personal contact, who will know you and your business. In this way, we secure that we can give you professional advice.

– Access to our flexible and user-friendly online solution

We offer you a very flexible and user-friendly online solution, POMnet, which gives you a full overview of your guarantees 24 hours a day.

You can request bonds online and have them issued in a few minutes. As part of the automatic processing, the bonds are issued as PDF-files, which are signed electronically. This means that you can forward the guarantee document by mail to your business partner immediately upon receipt. This makes your communication with your business partner very smooth.

We want our clients to receive their bonds as easy and fast as possible. We secure this by giving all our clients access to our online system POMnet. In POMnet, you will have a full overview of your portfolio. You can order and change guarantees and have an instant view of the guarantee document. We can shorten the processing time of the guarantees by issuing and signing them only electronically. Thus, your communication with your business partners becomes very smooth. Furthermore, you minimize the time tiem consumption.

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