Vi er specialister i garanti- og kreditforsikring

Guarantee insurance for international groups

Do you need guarantee insurance on an international scale?

Do you have business units in several countries and do you require guarantees to be issued in these countries? Let us help you with a group facility covering all countries and all business units in your group. We have many years of experience advising international groups on guarantee insurance.

Our guarantees are widely accepted

Our guarantees are widely accepted around the world. We are licensed by the Danish FSA to issue bonds in most European countries. Thus, we can provide a quick service, when you need bonds to be issued in Europe. If you need guarantee insurance outside Europe, we can of course also help you. Our guarantees are widely accepted abroad.

We secure a full overview of your portfolio

If you become a client of ours, you will get a group facility, under which you can issue guarantees. Thus, you will always know, if you have room for new guarantees under your facility. At the same time, you will not burden your credit line with the bank. Your liquidity will therefore not be influenced by the bond facility.

Our guarantee solution is extremely flexible – we can handle a large number of standard guarantees. With our online system, POMnet, you will have a full overview of your facility on a group level. In addition,  you will get a specification for each individual business unit.

POMnet also offers you:

  • The possibility of controlling individual authorisation rules in connection with request of bonds
  • Centralised or decentralised invoicing at your own choice
  • Multi-language online solution for request and administration of bonds (presently in Danish, English, German, Norwegian, Finnish and Swedish)
  • Electronic specification of invoices for automatic accounting

Get a tailor-made international solution

Do you have business units in several countries and require guarantees inter, contact us for more information on +45 44 20 39 00. Or contact us via this contact form and we will return to you.