Vi er specialister i garanti- og kreditforsikring

Credit insurance

Credit insurance – because clients cannot always pay their bills!

Cred­it insur­ance is an effi­cient way of pro­tect­ing your­self against loss­es on debtors. Our cred­it insur­ance cre­ates val­ue for you and your com­pa­ny. In addi­tion it gives you an overview of the cred­it risk on your debtors.

What is credit insurance

A cred­it insur­ance cov­er pro­tects you from loss­es on out­stand­ing amounts from clients, who goes bank­rupt or for some oth­er rea­son can­not pay their debts to you. The insur­ance is also called a debtor insur­ance.

Where do you use credit insurance?

Cred­it insur­ance is espe­cial­ly aimed at cor­po­rate clients — large as well as small. It helps to pro­tect your liq­uid­i­ty and increase your cred­it­wor­thi­ness. Fur­ther­more it helps you to tar­get prof­itable clients. You can read more about our cred­it insur­ance prod­uct Monitor90, which pro­tects up to 90% of your loss.

Why use credit insurance?

Many com­pa­nies think they know their clients well. Maybe they have trad­ed with the same clients for years and feel com­fort­able with the rela­tion­ship. Expe­ri­ence, how­ev­er, shows that 80% of all loss­es comes from clients, who have trad­ed with the com­pa­ny for many years. There­fore, it is impor­tant that you check up on their cred­it wor­thi­ness — even if you think that you know them.

Secure one of your most important assets

Receiv­ables are one of your company’s biggest assets and it is impor­tant that you insure your­self against loss­es on debtors.

Sev­er­al fac­tors influ­ence the cred­it­wor­thi­ness of your clients. For exam­ple, your clients may trade with clients from oth­er coun­tries, where the mar­ket con­di­tions are less pos­i­tive, and where your client’s clients go bank­rupt or can­not pay their debts. This will at first influ­ence your clients, but it may eas­i­ly impact your busi­ness as well, as it may result in a neg­a­tive finan­cial devel­op­ment for your client. Con­se­quent­ly, his cred­it­wor­thi­ness and his abil­i­ty to pay will dete­ri­o­rate.

With a cred­it insur­ance cov­er you pro­tect your com­pa­ny from loss­es on debtors. Addi­tion­al­ly, you will have a num­ber of advan­tages, which can give you peace of mind in your dai­ly busi­ness. This among oth­ers include 24-hour online access to our self-ser­vice sys­tem, POM­net.

Read more about our prod­ucts, Monitor90 and Mon­i­tor­Flex.