Vi er specialister i garanti- og kreditforsikring

Domestic guarantee insurance

We are experts in domestic guarantee insurance

Tryg Garanti has a team of very experienced local account managers in our offices in Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, and Helsinki. Our account managers can offer you extensive and competent advice for domestic guarantee insurance in your local market.

We do our utmost to meet your specific needs for bonds and guarantees. We can offer you tailor-made or standardised solutions.

Why do I need guarantee insurance?

When you enter into a new project, you may be asked to provide a guarantee to secure your fulfilment of  your contractual obligations. In many cases, you will actually only get the contract, if you can provide the requested guarantee.

It is therefore important to secure that you can provide the bond already before you engage in the project.

Tryg Garanti can issue the bond on your behalf

First of all, you need to contact Tryg Garanti to discuss your needs. If you meet our requirements, you will get a facility, under which you can draw your guarantees.

Tryg Garanti enters into the relationship as a trusted third party. We guarantee to your business partner that you can meet your contractual obligations. Consequently, you will have a bigger chance of getting the contract that you are bidding for.

Being a client of ours, you will always know, whether you have room for new bonds under your facility. At the same time, you will not burden your bank line.

Tryg Garanti can help you with various types of bonds used in the construction and the manufacturing sector and in favour of public institutions. You can read more about the guarantee types here.

POMnet – Tryg Garanti’s online self service system

When you are a Tryg Garanti client, you have access to the most flexible online solution in the guarantee insurance market. POMnet offers you a full overview of your portfolio at any time.

Contact us for more information on domestic guarantee insurance

If you want to discuss your needs for guarantee insurance in your local market or to hear more about our extensive online solution, just call us on +45 44 20 39 00 or contact us via this form.