Vi er specialister i garanti- og kreditforsikring


Monitor90 creates value for you and your company

Our credit insurance product is named Monitor90. The name combines two of the functions, which our credit insurances gives you:

  • Monitor90 credit insurance covers up to 90% of your loss, if your client does not pay his bill
  • Monitor90 credit insurance provides you with updated information on the credit risk on your clients

Why do I need credit insurance?

Credit insurance protects you from losses on outstanding amounts from clients. In addition it gives you an overview of the credit risk on your debtors.

Credit insurance is especially aimed at corporate clients – large as well as small. It helps to protect your liquidity and increase your creditworthiness in the bank. Furthermore, it helps you to target profitable clients.

Monitor90 creates value for you and your company because:

  • your liquidity is secured, because we pay compensation only 15 days after your client has gone bankrupt
  • you target profitable clients, because we provide you with information and current monitoring of the credit risk
  • you  have a better creditworthiness in the bank, because the risk on loss on debtors is removed
  • you save time and resources, because we take over the debt collection process
  • you  control sales to new clients, because you can delegate rights to approve new clients in our online system

We make credit insurance easy!

Being a client of ours, you get 24 hour access to our flexible and user-friendly online solution, POMnet.

POMnet provides you with facilities to ask for insurance cover of individual clients in your home country as well as abroad.

You can state the amount to be covered for the individual client, send the request to us via the system, and when we have evaluated the client, we will reply by e-mail. Easy and flexible.

POMnet also offers you a possibility to create your own, individual setup to view your portfolio and to download all information for use in your own systems.

Contact us

If you want to hear more about Monitor90, please call us at +45 44 20 39 00 or contact us via this form.