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Digital signature

We sign our documents by electronic signature

Tryg Garanti does normally not sign guarantee documents by original signature. Instead, the guarantees have a scanned signature as well as a digital signature.

What is a digital signature?

A digital signature is the same as an electronic signature. The digital signature confirms that Tryg Garanti is Tryg Garanti and the signer of your document.

When you receive a guarantee document from Tryg Garanti, signed by digital signature, you can therefore be quite sure that the document has been issued by us.

How does it work?

As part of the automatic guarantee processing in Tryg Garanti’s online system POMnet, guarantee documents are today only issued as PDF files. This means that in general, physical copies of the guarantees are no longer available.

Each guarantee is signed with a scanned signature, which has the same validity as the original signature. In addition to the scanned signature, the PDF guarantee also has a digital electronic signature, which verifies that the PDF guarantee has been processed by Tryg Garanti. The digital signature also applies, when you forward the document by e-mail.

We therefore recommend that you always send your documents to your business partners by email. In this way, they can instantly verify the validity of the document.

Our certifying partner is Digicert. You can read more about digital signature from Digicert here.

Why does Tryg Garanti use digital signature?

We want our clients to receive their bonds as easy and fast as possible. We secure this by giving all our clients access to our online system POMnet. In POMnet, you will have a full overview of your portfolio. You can order and change guarantees and have an instant view of the guarantee document. We can shorten the processing time of the guarantees by issuing and signing them only electronically. Thus, your communication with your business partners become very smooth.

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